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Shree E-Tile Bond++

Polymer modified Tile Adhesive Type II (Premium) manufactured as per IS 15477:2019 for fixing Vitrified/ Fully Vitrified Tiles,
Glass Mosaic tiles, Granite/ Italian Marbles, all Stones, Dense and large section tiles and stone slabs for internal and External wet area /submerged area for floor and wall applications

Shree E-Tile Bond++

Compressive Strength (@28days)

> 20 Mpa


40 Kg/Bag


Grey/ White/ Ivory /as required

Shelf Life

Water powder ratio (For Mixing purpose)

Shree Premix Industries are the proud manufacturer of “Shree E Tile Bond++” and a wide range of construction materials, Adhesives Grouts, Waterproofing compound. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has made us a trusted name in the industry. Explore our products and discover why builders and homeowners choose us for their tiling needs.

Product: Shree E Tile Bond++

"Shree E Tile Bond++" is a high-performance, Polymer-modified type :2 tile adhesive Specifically designed to provide exceptional bonding Strength between varies types of substrates & Vitrified tile ,Glass Mosaics , All stones ,Dense and Large Section tiles and stone slabs for internal ,External Wet area /Submerged area for floor and wall applications with its advanced formulation , This tile /Marble /Granite /Glass Mosaic adhesive offers High bonding ,Superior adhesion, flexibility, and durability, ensuring long-lasting results.

Key Features:

Strong Bonding: Our polymer-modified formula ensures excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including concrete, plaster, cementitious boards, and existing tiles.

Enhanced Flexibility: "Shree E Tile Bond++" provides flexibility to accommodate substrate movements and thermal expansions, reducing the risk of cracks or tile detachment.

Water Resistance Adhesive: “Shree E Tile Bond++” :This adhesive is water-resistant, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications, including wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and swimming pools.

Quick Drying Adhesive: The fast-drying formula allows for quicker tile installations, reducing downtime and improving overall efficiency.

Non-Slump Formula: The non-slump properties of our adhesive ensure excellent vertical and overhead tile installations without sagging.

Product: "Shree E Tile Bond++": Polymer Modified Tile Adhesive Type II

Our Polymer Modified Tile Adhesive Type II is a high-quality adhesive ideal for fixing vitrified tiles /dense & Large section tiles /stone Slabs tiles. It offers exceptional bond strength and is suitable for both wall and floor applications. This adhesive is designed to meet and exceed industry standards, providing reliable results every time.

Key Features:

Versatile Application: Our Type II adhesive is suitable for both interior and exterior tiling projects, including areas subject to heavy foot traffic.

Easy to Use: The adhesive's smooth consistency allows for easy trowel application, ensuring hassle-free installation.

Strong Adhesion: It provides a strong and durable bond, ensuring long-lasting tile installations. Time-Efficient: The adhesive offers a good opening time, allowing for adjustments during tile placement, resulting in precise installations.

Compatibility: It can be used with a variety of types of vitrified tile/Heavy section tiles /Stone Section tiles/Large section tiles.

Product: Granite/Italian Marbles fixing Adhesive : Shree E Tile Bond++

At "Shree Premix Industries" we offer a stunning range High Bonding & Adhesion Adhesive for Granite and Italian Marbles that add elegance and sophistication to any space. Our collection shows adhesive suitable to a wide variety of marble colors, patterns, and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect option to suit your design preferences.

Key Features : "Cost saving Adhesive” Shree E Tile Bond++" for fixing Door/Window frames /Threshold with Marble /Granites

Premium Quality Adhesive: “Shree E Tile Bond++: Premium Adhesive For fixing Heavy Granite and Italian Marbles to Lift lobby /Lift doors ,Heavy Section tiles , Chemicals required for manufacturing adhesives are sourced from Germany from reputable suppliers, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Diverse Selection: Our collection includes an extensive range of colors tile /marble adhesives to match marble /Tile /Granite patterns allowing you to find the perfect match for your project.

Durability: Shree E Tile Bond++ Type :2 adhesive are durable for fixing Granite and Italian Marbles making them ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Aesthetic Appeal: Due to use of “Shree Premix Industries “High bonding Colour Adhesives “to fix natural marbles/ Granite as per colours of Marble /Granite /Stone The natural beauty and unique veining patterns of our stones add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space.

Customization: We offer customization options of “Shree E Tile Bond++” : Type :2 Adhesive to meet your specific requirements, including High bonding & adhesion ,colour ,types ensuring a tailored solution for your project.

Experience the superior quality and exceptional performance of Shree E Tile Bond++ and explore for fixing exquisite collection of Granite / Italian Marbles/Heavy section Stone. Trust Shree Premix Industries for fixing your all types tile/Marble /Granite /Glass Mosaic /Fixing needs, and let us help you create stunning Areas/spaces that stand the test of time.


Single component, Polymer modified, Cement base, Pre blended, tile adhesive with High Strength and Hydrophobic property manufactured as per IS 15477:2019 Type-II (Premium)

BIS Reference: IS-15477: 2019 Adhesives for use with Ceramic, Mosaic and Stone Tiles - Specification


For fixing Vitrified tiles/ tile slabs for floors/ Tile on tile/ walls, directly on R.C.C./ masonry, on internal/ external walls of bathroom/ toilet/ Pantry/ wash basin/ Kitchens/ Balcony/ wet area in all residential/ Commercial/ Industrial/ Institutional/ Malls/ Multiplex/ Hotels/ Hospitals projects/ Govt & Semi Government Projects, Railways, CIDCO /PWD/ CPWD, MHADA/MCGSM, Pant Pradhan Avas Yojna,,SRA, Affordable housing projects, Religious Places, Heritage Structures and various types of Projects.

For Floor

For Floor

For fixing Vitrified Tiles above Bed Mortar.

For Tile Fixing

For Marble Fixing on wall

For fixing Vitrified Tiles/ Marbles on walls.

For Granite or Marble Fixing

For Granite or Marble Fixing

For fixing granite or marble on Window Frame or Door Frame.

Technical Details
How to Use


High bonding and Compressive strength than conventional fixing material & methods.

Pot life is more hence work can continue for long time from the mixed material without any wastage.

Adjustability time is more hence tile can adjust upto 30 min after application.

Excellent slip resistance.

Uniform and Consistency in Quality, Pre blended in factory with quality control by regular testing of raw materials and finish goods.

Excellent Adhesion to the Cement, Concrete, A.A.C/ Concrete block/ Brick masonary, Plasters, renders, R.C.C. and other substrates.

Only need to add "Shree E- Tile Bond++" powder in water as per water powder ratio at site during the application hence, Quality can be control at any location.

Use of "Shree E -Tile Bond++" for fixing tiles reduce the time. It gains more strength in lesser time hence early completion of balance work which saves the cost of the interest, finally saving in the cost of the Project.

Fixing tiles with "Shree E -Tile Bond++" saves material, water for mixing and curing ultimately it saves lot of natural resources hence its Eco friendly Green building material.

Easy availability and quick delivery of "Shree E Tile Bond++" avoids more investment to keep the stock.

"Shree E-Tile Bond++" has hydro phobic property hence it avoids the water penetration.

Use of "Shree E -Tile Bond++" saves the cost of the labour, avoids wastage, Easy accountability & traceability of material consumed /balance as well as keeps the site neat and clean.

Fixing marble/ Granite/ Italian Marble to Door and window frame "Shree E Tile Bond++" reduce the cost and time compare to conventional methode.


Technical details

To Know More About Technical Specification In Detail

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How To Use


Do not use or mix any other material in "Shree E-Tile Bond++" except water. Add "Shree E-Tile Bond++", powder in clean water 200-220ML/kg, in case of hand mixing it shall be mix for 8 to10 min. In case of use of mechanical mixer add "Shree E- Tile Bond++" powder, in 180-200ML/Kg water & mix for 3min. Accordingly for the bag of 40Kg of "Shree E-Tile Bond++" water shall be added as per type of mixing. After addition of powder of "Shree E-Tile Bond++" in water mix it thoroughly in mixing trey/ Pot/ or by mechanical mixer/ Stirrer till we get uniform consistency to the mixed material, allow mixed material to remain idle for 3 to 5 minutes for additives/ Polymers to dissolved to get the required special properties to the tile adhesive, Remix the mixed material before starting the applications.

Surface Preparation and Methodology for Fixing Vitrified Tiles /Marble /Granite/ Italian Marbles

Vitrified Tiles/Marble/Granite/Italian Marble for flooring can be fixed with "Shree E Tile Bond++" by leveling the floor surface either by using "Shree E Bed Mortar+ (on next day) or by using Screed (Cement Mortar1:4) (after curing, cleaning, drying the surface) Surface shall be made clean, dust free & free from curing compound & wet the surface before application. In case of smooth surface, if required it shall be made rough by proper equipment to get proper grip / bonding, rough surface shall be made clean, dust free and wet before fixing the tiles/Marble /Granites. Tiles shall be immersed in the water before fixing more than half an hour earlier, it shall be removed from the water & surface shall be dried/clean, tile adhesive shall be mix again and applied in 2 to 3 MM thickness or as per site conditions on back surface of tile/ Marble/ Granites as well as tile adhesive shall be applied on wall /floor by spreading adhesive uniformly by notch trowel to get uniform thickness, proper bonding between tiles/marble/granite and wall/ Floor surface as well as to remove excess material, tap gently on tile with wooden or rubber mallet, remove excess material by wet/damp cloth or sponge after check in alignment of tiles and same procedure shall be followed while fixing the next tiles, Joints between two tiles shall be cleaned for filling with Shree E-Tile Grout+/ or any other Grout on the next day. Due to addition of chemicals/ special adhesive while manufacturing tile adhesive, no need of curing. Walking on tile shall be allowed after 24hrs.

Surface Preparation and Methodology for Marble/ Granite/ Italian Marble Fixing to Door/ Windows/  Frames

After cleaning the internal surfaces of the walls of door /windows, for fixing marble / Granite Frame,wet all surface, Clean the Marble/ Granite, Italian Marbles surface, apply mixed adhesive i.e. "Shree E Tile bond++" on Marble/ Granite/ Italian Marble Patti uniformly by using notch trowel as well as apply adhesive on the inside surface of walls also (where we want to fixed Marble/Granite/Italian Marble)for maintaining uniform thickness, Proper bonding between Wall & Marble/ Granite/ Italian Marble. Start application of fixing Marble/ Granite/ Italian Marble first from horizontal level of window(bottom), align it, then fix marble/ Granite in vertical position on both sides align the same then fix the top side Marble/Granite Patti of window frame after checking the gap between two vertical marble/ granite Patti as well as top side of window frame by adjusting adhesive thickness, notching shall be done after application and bonding between wall and Marble/Granite Patti. It shall be press gently /or Wooden /rubber mallet shall be used for maintaining levels and alignment of the Marble /Granite Patti. Excessive adhesive shall be removed, finished both side surfaces of marble /Granite .clean the Marble/Granite with wet cloth.

Handling and Mixing

In case of manual mixing hand gloves shall be used.

Safety Precautions

"Shree E-Tile Bond++" contains non-toxic materials. In case of contact with body, eye & face wash it with sufficient water.

Unloading and Storage

Do Not Use Hook

Do not use hook for unloading, shifting of bags, material

Loaded Above Ground Level

It shall be unloaded on uniform level platform surface above ground level with proper stacking in countable manner

Store In Dry Place

It should be stored in covered dry place.In case of rainy season it shall be stored in closed store room by covering it by tarpaulin / polythene sheet to protect the bags from dampness / humidity in the atmosphere.