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Shree E-Floor Hardner+

Preblended non metallic floor hardener for abrasion resistance floor for factory
Warehouse/ Parking Areas/ Garages/ Badminton Court.

Shree E-Floor Hardner+

Compressive Strength (@28days)

> 70 Mpa


40 Kg/Bag


White / Grey / Colour

Shelf Life

Shree E-Floor Hardner + is a top-of-the-line readymix material for abrasion resistance flooring that is manufactured and supplied by Shree Premix Industries, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials in India. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Shree Premix Industries has established itself as a trusted brand in the construction industry.

Shree E-Floor Hardner + is a high-quality readymix material that is designed to provide abrasion resistance for industrial flooring. It is a versatile product that can be used in a wide range of applications, including factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. Shree E-Floor Hardner + is easy to use and provides a smooth and durable finish that is perfect for industrial applications.

Shree Premix Industries takes great pride in manufacturing Shree E-Floor Hardner + using the latest technology and highest quality raw materials. The product is formulated to ensure maximum strength and durability, making it ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Shree Premix Industries is committed to providing its customers with the best possible service and support. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of construction materials, the company has a strong own distribution network that ensures prompt and efficient delivery of its products to customers across India.

Shree E-Floor Hardner + is a testament to the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The product has been extensively tested to ensure that it meets the highest industry standards. It is also competitively priced, making it an excellent value for money.

In addition to Shree E Floor Hardner+, Shree Premix Industries also offers a wide range of other construction materials, including readymix plasters, tile adhesives, and waterproofing products. The company's products are trusted by builders, architects, and contractors across India for their quality, durability, and performance.

Shree Premix Industries is more than just a manufacturer and supplier of construction materials. The company is committed to sustainable development and takes great care to ensure that its products are eco-friendly and safe for both the environment and the people who use them.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality readymix material for abrasion resistance flooring for industrial applications, look no further than Shree E-Floor Hardner +. Manufactured and supplied by Shree Premix Industries, this product is designed to provide maximum strength and durability while ensuring a smooth and durable finish. With a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainable development, Shree Premix Industries is a brand you can trust for all your construction material needs.


Single component Preblended of Non metallic aggregates, High Strength Cement & Plasticizer to get abrasion resistance property to the various types of concrete floors in interior and exterior area in all types of constructions.


To make abrasion resistance floor in the area where there is always movement of heavy vehicles, Public, Equipments, Material movement e.g, Factories, ware houses, Railway Plat form, Car Park , Garages, Public area of large movement, Commercial complex, Hsg Societies, Mfg Plants, Air port, Hangers, Hospital, Hotels, colleges & various other area in all types of projects.

 For Industrial Parking, Garages, Public area of large movement.

For Industrial Parking, Garages, Public area of large movement.

For abrasion resistance floor

For abrasion resistance floor< of railway paltform

For Railway Platform

For abrasion resistance floor

Technical Details
How to Use


"Shree E Floor Hardener+" are easy to mix and use.

"Shree E Floor Hardener+" bond monolithically with base concrete very well.

Use of "Shree E Floor Hardener+" by dry shake system provides highly abrasion resistant surface to the concrete floor.

Concrete Surface finished by using "Shree E floor hardener+" achieves the property of resistant to Oil and grease penetration.

"Shree E floor Hardener+" gives 4-5 times more abrasion resistance than Plain concrete surface.

"Shree E floor hardener+" makes surface hard wearing and non rusting etc.

Surface finished with "Shree E Floor Hardener+" improves resistance to impact.

To get harden concrete surface with "Shree E Floor Hardener+" are the economical option for operations.

Use of "Shree E Floor Hardener+" save time and labour cost ,it eliminate the requirement of monolithic screed.

Surface prepared by using "Shree E Floor hardener+" reduce surface dust.

"Shree E Floor hardener+" can be manufactured in colour option by checking the suitability as per site conditions and requirement.

If properly merge smoothly the "Shree E Floor hardener+" with wet concrete then good finish can be obtained.

"Shree E Floor Hardener+" are suitable for interior and external work with concrete surface.


Technical details

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How To Use


The timing of application is very important for this product. should not be made too early, Which will give lower strength with dusting. It should not be made too late, It will not complete hydration of product.


A well fresh concrete compacted, leveled sub grade flooring surface is required. As per coverage, the correct number of bags shall be positioned on both sides of slab/ concrete surface prior to application.


If bleeding, then remove bleed of water by using rubber hose/ burlap. Open the surface by hand floating or power floating. Check the slab / concrete surface by standing, it should show foot prints about 6-9 mm depth. This will be ideal time for application of "Shree E Floor Hardener+" Shake 2/3 part floor hardener by hand, uniformly on the concrete surface, wait for 5 minutes to absorb water from slab/ concrete surface. Then finish/ float surface with hand or power float. Immediate apply second, shake 1/3 part of Shree E Floor Hardener+ at right angle to the first. Finishing - Finish the "Shree E Floor Hardener+" by flat steel trowel similar to finishing a normal industrial floor. For best result use powder float, so that it will get maximum abrasion resistance with uniform finishing. Curing/ Sealing - Curing is very important for mainly external application- Cure "Shree E floor Hardener+" by curing compound water based, wet hesign bags, continuous sprinkling water for minimum twice in day for 5-6 days. Note: In case of any difficulty in using "Shree E Floor hardener+" Please feel free to contact without any hesitation.

Safety Precautions

Shree E Floor hardener+ contains non-toxic materials. In case of contact with body, eye, & face wash it with sufficient water.

Unloading and Storage

Do Not Use Hook

Do not use hook for unloading, shifting of bags, material

Loaded Above Ground Level

It shall be unloaded on uniform level platform surface above ground level with proper stacking in countable manner

Store In Dry Place

It should be stored in covered dry place.In case of rainy season it shall be stored in closed store room by covering it by tarpaulin / polythene sheet to protect the bags from dampness / humidity in the atmosphere.