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Shree E-LB Adhesive+++

Two component latex base (Acrylic Polymer dispersion) + Cementitious adhesive for
fixing Heavy/ Stone/ Marble/ Granite.

Shree E-LB Adhesive+++


Powder:(40 Kg Bag) x2
Liquid:20 Kg (Drum)


Grey / White

Shelf Life

Mixing Ratio

1 Part Liquid & 4 Parts Powder

Shree E-LB Adhesive+++ is a high-performance adhesive manufactured by Shree Premix Industries, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of construction chemicals in India. This advanced bonding solution is designed to provide superior adhesion strength to a wide range of substrates, making it ideal for various construction applications.

Shree E-LB Adhesive+++ is Two component, Latex base (Acrylic Polymer Dispersion) +Cementitious adhesive that bond fix Heavy Stones, Marble Granites ,Italian Marble, Heavy Tiles on Floor/Walls & For Cladding purpose to concrete, masonry, Plaster , Panel and other building materials. It is easy to mix and apply, and it cures quickly to form a strong and durable bond. The product is formulated using high-quality Acrylic Polymer Dispersion & other raw materials along with advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure consistency in quality and performance.

Shree Premix Industries has been in the business of manufacturing and supplying construction chemicals Since 2016 With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a team of highly skilled professionals, the company has earned a reputation for delivering superior quality products and Providing excellent customer service. Its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made it a preferred choice among Contractors, Engineers, and Architects & PMC across India.

As a manufacturer and supplier of construction chemicals, Shree Premix Industries offers a wide range of products that cater to the needs of various construction projects. These products include waterproofing solutions, repair and rehabilitation systems, tile adhesives, grouts, and more. Each product is designed to meet the highest industry standards and is backed by rigorous testing and quality control processes.

Shree Premix Industries has a own strong material distribution network that enables it to supply its products to customers across India. Its sales team is highly trained and knowledgeable about its products, and they work closely with customers to provide them with the right solutions for their projects. The company also provides technical support to customers, including site visits, training sessions, and product demonstrations.

In addition to its commitment to quality and innovation, Shree Premix Industries is also committed to sustainability. It takes a proactive approach to environmental management and continuously strives to reduce its carbon footprint. Its products are designed to be eco-friendly and safe for use in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Overall, Shree E-LB Adhesive+++ is a testament to Shree Premix Industries' commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. It is a reliable and effective bonding solution that can provide superior adhesion strength to a wide range of substrates. Whether you are a contractor, engineer, or architect, you can trust Shree Premix Industries to provide you with the right products and support for your construction projects.

If you are looking for a high-performance adhesive for your construction project, look no further than Shree E-LB Adhesive+++. Contact Shree Premix Industries today to learn more about its products and services.


Its two component Acrylic Polymer (latex base) (1Part)+ (4 Part):High Grade Cement+ Special Grade filler adhesive for fixing Marble, Granite ,Glass Mosaic, Heavy Stones, Tiles on walls ,Floors & for Cladding purpose in internal & exterior area of the all types of buildings and structures.


For fixing Marble, Granites, Glass Mosaic Italian Marble, Heavy stones, Tiles in Interior & Exterior area, on Walls/Floors , Directly on R.C.C Surfaces, Plaster Surfaces, for Cladding Purpose, in Lobby area, Lift , Bathroom, Toilets, Platform, Kitchen Platform, Decorative Entrances, Staircase, Laboratory ,Door ,Windows frames, for basin counters, Water fountains, Statue Pedestal, Gymnasium, Swimming pools, R & D Centres, Museums, Fort, Religious places, heritage structures Malls /Railway Stations/Multiplex/Metro/Mono rail Stations, Airport, Hospitals, Hotels, Colleges, Sitting Arrangements in Gardens, Swatch Bharat Abhiiyan: Toilet project, Pantries, Shops and various locations in all types of residential, Commercial buildings, affordable housing projects, Government/Semi government, CIDCO ,MHADA, PWD, BARC, MMRDA, Various Municipal Corporation projects, Mumbai Port Trust, BEST, LIC, etc.

For kitchen Platform

For kitchen Platform

For fixing Granite Patti to kitchen ota

For Lift and Lobby

Lift and Lobby

To fix heavy Marbles/ Granite Patti

For Bathroom


TO fix heavy stone/ Marble/ Granite

For Door & Window Frames

Door/ Window Frames

For fixing heavy stone, marble, granite for door/ window frames

Technical Details
How to Use


No need to add any material at site, only maintain the liquid (1 Part) to Powder (4 Part) ratio from the supplied packing Hence it's easy to control the quality for good results.

It is easy to mix, use and it can be applied uniformly by trowel notch which save lot of time and labour cost.

Shree E -LB Adhesive+++ has high bond strength & good water resistant property.

Shree E -LB Adhesive+++ can be used for fixing any type of Tiles / Marbles / Stones / Granites / Mosaics.

Considering high water resistance property, Shree E -LB Adhesive+++ can be used for internal, external area of wall & floor applications.

Shree E-LB Adhesive is used where high Tensile strength, Shear strength & flexural strength is required.

Since Shree E-LB Adhesive+++ contains polymers, hence it ensures proper curing, no water curing required / not recommended.

No shrinkage cracks due to self curing properties.

Shree E-LB Adhesive+++ is Slip resistance due to its excellent adhesion property.

Uniform & Consistency in quality.

Excellent adhesion to cement, Concrete, Plaster, A.A.C., R.C.C, Renders & other Substrates.


Technical details

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How To Use


Add 4 Part of LB Adhesive powder to 1 part of LB Adhesive liquid by weight, mix it slowly with stirrer or mechanical mixer till we get homogeneous ,lump free slurry after mixing ,Allow slurry in undisturbed condition to allow entrap air pass away for 5 to 8 min.

Surface Cleaning/ Preparation

Surface shall be clean, dust and curing compund free, & wet before application. In case of smooth surface, it should made rough by proper equipment to get proper grip / bonding, Rough surface shall be made clean, dust free and wet before fixing the Granites / Marble


LB Adhesive shall be mix again and applied in 3 to 4 MM or less / more thickness as required as per site condition on the substrate as well as on Marble / Granite/ Heavy tiles by Spreading LB adhesives uniformly by using notch trowel to get uniform thickness, proper bonding between granites/Marbles and wall /Floor surface as well as to remove excess material, after that tap gently on Granite /Marble/Heavy Tile with rubber mallet to stick adhesive to the total surface area of Tiles /Stone then remove excess material after checking alignment of tiles /Stones/Granite, same procedure shall be followed while fixing the next Granites/ Marbles, Joints between two Granites/Marbles shall be cleaned for filling with Shree L.B. Adhesive+++, tile grout on the next day. Due to addition of chemicals /special adhesive while manufacturing Shree L.B. Adhesive+++, no need of curing, walking on Granite /Marble /Heavy Tile, Stones shall be allowed after 24 hrs after filling the joints between Stone /Heavy Tile /Marble/Granite.

Handling and Mixing

In case of manual mixing hand gloves shall be used.

Safety Precautions

"Shree E LB Adhesive+++" contains non-toxic materials. In case of contact with body, eye, & face wash it with sufficient water.

Unloading and Storage

Do Not Use Hook

Do not use hook for unloading, shifting of bags, material

Loaded Above Ground Level

It shall be unloaded on uniform level platform surface above ground level with proper stacking in countable manner

Store In Dry Place

It should be stored in covered dry place.In case of rainy season it shall be stored in closed store room by covering it by tarpaulin / polythene sheet to protect the bags from dampness / humidity in the atmosphere.