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Shree E-Plast+

High Strength, Hydrophobic Property, Non shrink, Multipurpose and Multi properties, Abrasion Resistance Readymix Plaster.

Shree E-Plast+

Compressive Strength (@28days)

> 20 N/ Mm2


40 Kg/Bag


Grey / White

Shelf Life

Water powder ratio (For Mixing purpose)

Shree Premix Industries (SPI) is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of construction materials that are designed to enhance the quality and durability of your building structures. Our extensive range of products includes various types of readymix plasters, mortars, and blocks that are eco-friendly, high-strength, and waterproof.

One of our popular products is E Plast+, a premium quality ready mix plaster that provides a smooth and durable finish to your walls. This product is ideal for use on both interior and exterior walls and is easy to apply, saving you time and effort. With E Plast+, you can achieve a superior finish that is crack-free and long-lasting.

Our range of readymix waterproof plaster includes high-strength, multi-purpose, and heat-resistant options. These products are specially formulated to resist water penetration and provide a protective layer to your walls. They are suitable for both internal and external walls, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Our abrasion-resistant readymix plaster is perfect for high traffic areas and provides excellent durability and strength.

For non-hacked surfaces, we offer a specialized range of readymix plasters that can be directly applied to the surface without the need for any hacking or roughening. These products are designed to provide excellent adhesion and coverage, making them ideal for surfaces that are difficult to work with.

Our non-shrink readymix plaster is perfect for use on walls and ceilings, and is designed to prevent cracking and shrinkage. It provides excellent coverage and is easy to apply, saving you time and effort. Our readymix plaster for multi-surfaces is ideal for use on a variety of substrates, including concrete, brickwork, and blockwork.

For eco-friendly options, our A.A.C. block joining mortar is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cement-based mortars. It is easy to apply and provides excellent bonding strength, making it perfect for use with A.A.C. blocks.

Our silica sand plaster is designed to provide a smooth finish to your walls, while our less curing plaster is perfect for fast-track construction projects, saving you time and money. Our high coverage readymix plaster provides excellent coverage and is easy to apply, while our zero wastage plaster ensures that you get maximum value for your money.

At Shree Premix Industries (SPI), we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality construction materials that are reliable, durable, and sustainable. Our readymix plasters are the perfect solution for your construction needs, providing excellent coverage, durability, and strength. Contact us today to learn more about our range of products and how we can help you with your construction project.


Shree E-Plast+ is a Fiber Reinforced, Polymer modified Cement base, Preblended High Strength & Hydrophobic property multipurpose Multi properties, Abrasion Resistance non shrink readymix Plaster.

BIS Reference : IS -2402 - 1963 (Reaffirmed 2022) : Code of Practice for external rendered finishes shall be followed for specifications, number of coats, thickness of plaster and other.


For Plastering the surfaces in minimum thickness in all types of walls in residential /Commercials /Industrial /Institutional Buildings, Malls, Multiplex, Public Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Government, Semi government projects, Railway, PWD, CPWD, MHADA, Pantpradhan Avas Yojna, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, SRA , Redevelopment , Affordable Housing Projects, Religious place, Heritage structure, ware housing projects and various types of projects.

For Walls

For Walls

For Plastering in minimum thickness to internal as well as external walls

For Bathroom

For Bathroom

To make wall in level & alignment with minimum thickness before fixing tiles

For R.C.C Surface

For R.C.C Surface

For levelling and finishing of R.C.C & A.A.C junction without using chicken mesh

For levelling

For Levelling

For levelling uneven R.C.C bottom surface

For Lift Shaft

For Lift Shaft

For alignment and levelling work of shaft

For Celling

For Celling

For minimum thickness Plastering

 For Temple/ Church/ Masjid Dome

For Temple/ Church/ Masjid Dome

For finish coat on dome to reduce load with waterproofing property

Technical Details
How to Use


High Compressive strength than conventional Plaster and other ready mix plaster as well as non-shrinkage property to Shree E Plast+

Regular quality check up of raw materials & testing of finish goods result in availability of uniform quality throughout the year.

Hydrophobic Property of "Shree E Plast+" avoids water penetration through the plaster, hence its waterproof.

Only need to add "Shree E Plast+" in water at site hence easy to use and quality can control at any location.

Avoid more investment in stock due to easy availability and quick delivery.

For level, & align the surfaces of the walls/ R.C.C & ceiling "Shree E Plast+" can be use to make uniform & smooth surface by maintaining minimum 3 MM to 5 MM thickness which saves the lot of cost of the material.

"Shree E Plast+" can be applied speedily & get more strength in lesser time hence early completion of balance work which save the interest cost of the project compare to the conventional method.

Negligible rebound of material which can be used without addition of any material provided it shall be collected on plastic sheet immediately without any dust particles.

In case of double coat plaster on level surface, base coat and finish coat can be achieved in minimum thickness because of special grades of fillers as well as good bonding and adhesion property of "Shree E Plast+".

"Shree E Plast+" can be used for repairing honey combed concrete, uneven beam bottom, column & ceiling surfaces.

For plastering with "Shree E Plast+" it saves the material, water required for mixing, curing as well as it saves lot of natural resources hence its Eco Friendly, Green building material, it help to save natural resources of the Nation.

Pot life of "Shree E Plast+" is more hence, we can continue Plastering work for long time and avoid wastage of mixed material.

For fixing tiles in minimum thickness by adhesives, "Shree E-Plast+" can be used as base coat on AAC/ Concrete Block surface for leveling, to save the cost as well as to avoid reduction in internal area due to more thickness of plaster/ adhesives.

"Shree E Plast+" contains Special grades of fillers which are free from dust/ Silt/ Mud hence no formation of cracks to the plaster and no effect on quality.

Plastering with "Shree E Plast+" in minimum thickness will reduce the cost, dead weight on the walls/ structures and increase the carpet area compare to conventional methods/ other plasters.


Technical details

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How To Use


Do not mix any material in "Shree E-Plast+" except clean water. In case of mechanical mixer, "Shree E-Plast+" Powder shall be added in 130-140 ml/kg clean water & mix it thoroughly for minimum 3 min and in case of hand mixing "Shree E-Plast+" shall be added in 150-160 ML/kg clean water as per consistency required as per site condition & it shall be mixed for 8 to 10 minutes, Accordingly for 40 Kg bag of "Shree E-Plast+" water shall be added in mixing trey/ Pot/ Mechanical Mixer/ Stirrer and it shall be mix thoroughly till we get the uniform consistency to the mix material, allow mix material remain idle for 3 to 5 minutes polymers/ adhesives/ fibers to be dissolved to get the special properties to the Plaster.

Surface Cleaning/ Preparation

Surface to be plaster shall be made clean, dust & curing compound free as well as wet before starting the plastering work. No need to apply any bonding agent on the walls /other surface before Plastering with "Shree E Plast +".


Again Remix the Mix material and check the consistency/ workability of "Shree E Plast+" before starting the plastering work, mix material of plaster shall be applied on all over surfaces by spreading mixed material by trowel uniformly to maintain level, thickness and to get the smooth finish/ sandface plaster can be done by using sponge. In case of normal weather condition, curing shall be done twice in a day after 12 hour at least 2 to 3 days & In case of hot or extreme hot weather curing may done for 5 to 6 days.

Handling and Mixing

In case of manual mixing hand gloves shall be used.

Safety Precautions

"Shree E-Plast +" contains non-toxic materials, In case of contact with body, eye, face wash it with sufficient water.

Unloading and Storage

Do Not Use Hook

Do not use hook for unloading, shifting of bags, material

Loaded Above Ground Level

It shall be unloaded on uniform level platform surface above ground level with proper stacking in countable manner

Store In Dry Place

It should be stored in covered dry place.In case of rainy season it shall be stored in closed store room by covering it by tarpaulin / polythene sheet to protect the bags from dampness / humidity in the atmosphere.